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Great Peacock Andrealphus
By James Donahue
An interesting contrast appeared with Andrealphus, the sixty-fifth Spirit of the Goetia. This demon has a history of colorful display when evoked. He likes to present himself as a peacock.
Apparently the energy it takes for him to do the peacock image, however, draws heavily on him so he must change into his normal form before he works his magic for the practitioner. It is comparable to a battery with only so much voltage. It can only do so much work before running out of power.
It is said that Andrealphus can transform people into birds, but the effect only lasts a brief time. He also is a teacher of geometry, measurements and mathematics, and is proficient in astronomy and astrology.

Andrealphus is rated as a Grand Marquis of Hades and commands 30 legions of demons.