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Shax; A Real-Life "Shadow"
By James Donahue

When I was a boy, before we had television, one of my favorite radio shows was "The Shadow." It was about a character that had the ability to "cloud men's minds" so that he was invisible to everyone around him. Naturally the Shadow was on the side of good and justice.
Shax, the forty-forth Goetia Spirit, is said to have the ability to do exactly what the fictitious Shadow did. Shax can make people appear invisible.
That Shax is around and about is becoming somewhat evident. I have actually spoken to people who have been astounded by the sight of a passing car with nobody visible at the wheel or things being moved mysteriously across a room. We are starting to hear reports about people becoming invisible to others for periods of time, without any explanation for it. They do not know they are invisible until something happens. Like someone else bumping into them and acting surprised.
The vessel Shax allegedly travels in is someone familiar as well; at least to me. It is a very large oval shaped and bright orange object with a dark center. It looks a little like a fried egg in space, with a very dark yoke. I once had dreams about an object like that rising up from behind the roof of my father's barn when I was young. My wife and daughter observed this same ship in the sky in about 1998 when we lived in Arizona.
The entity possesses the ability to alter the sight, thought, and hearing of any human so that the magician might become 'invisible' on command.
S. L. MacGregor Mathers wrote: "He appears as stock-dove with a hoarse voice. He can cause blindness, deafness, or lack of understanding upon command."
Collin de Plancy added that Slax "appears as a stork with a raucous voice, and is known to be deceitful. He steals horses, and takes the silver in the houses he possesses."
This demon seems to have a reputation as a thief wherever it appears.

Shax is described as “a great marquis of Hell” and has power over 30 legions of demons riding evil horses. When obliged to enter a magic triangle drawn on the floor this demon speaks truth and his hoarse gravelly voice changes to that of a grand orator.