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Twisted Serpents Of Orias
By James Donahue
The image of Orias, the fifty-ninth spirit, shows an alien, his ship hovering just overhead. In his hand are two serpents twisted around each other.
The enchanter that drew this picture after evoking this interesting Goetia Spirit, may correctly suggest in his commentary that the twisted serpents represent human DNA. This in turn suggests human DNA manipulation by aliens either now, or in the distant past.
The old masters saw Orias in a slightly different light. They described him thus:
"He appears as a lion with a serpent's tail and rides upon a horse. He holds two large hissing serpents in his right hand."
Strange how the alien face came through as the face of a lion so often to the old magicians.

In demonology, Orias is a Great Marquis of Hell. He has 30 legions of demons under his command. He teaches about the stars and planets, the influence of astrological signs, gives dignities, prelacies and is said to be able to metamorphose a man into any shape.