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Have We Seen Zagan Before?
By James Donahue
The Goetia Spirit Zagan, the sixty-first demon, appears very familiar. He looks like a bull with wings. And his specialty is turning water into wine.
Was this not the spirit that once had contact with Jesus at the wedding party, and was called upon to turn water into wine?
We have heard this story before when we examined the spirit Haagenti. Like Zagan, he also was a winged bull. Like Zagan, he may also have helped Jesus at the wedding party.
Thus we are left with a problem. Are Haagenti and Zagan the same entity? Or are they the same species of alien with the same talents and did both of them show up at the wedding when summoned?
When you examine the sigils, they look remarkably similar. But there are distinct differences, which means they are unique spirits with similar abilities. Zagan is said to not only turn water into wine, but he turns wine back into water, blood into wine, blood into oil and oil into water. Now that is quite amazing.
Zagan also is said to be capable of turning any metal into money. And he is a master of deception, fraud and counterfeiting.
He was chosen by King Solomon to comprise one of the 72 bound spirits. He commands 33 legions of demons.