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Is The Sphinx Linked To Ose?
By James Donahue
When recently evoked, Ose, the fifty-seventh spirit of the Goetia, appeared as an alien face on the Sphinx, with the three pyramids visible in the background.
The meaning of this image is a mystery. There is nothing in the Goetia record that explains the link between Ose and the Sphinx, or even Egypt. But there is this: He has always appeared to the old magicians in the form of a leopard that later transforms into image of a man. That the Sphinx appears as a cat-like animal with a human face may be significant.
No one knows the history of the Sphinx. Some think it may be extremely old because of water markings on its side. Could it be that some ancient culture once worshipped Ose and erected the Sphinx in its honor?
Whatever its history, Ose makes it clear that he is in some way linked to this ancient monument.
Ose has some magical powers, according to the old masters. They say he teaches liberal sciences, gives answers to divine and secret things, and will transform a man into any form.

His title is Great President of Hell. He is said to rule three legions of demons. If asked, Ose can bring insanity to any person.

The very name of this demon is derived from the Latin word “osor” which means “that who abhors.”