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Halphas; A Demon Of War

By James Donahue

The thirty eighth Goetia Spirit Halphas was described as a stork, or possibly bird in flight, by the old magicians.
A contemporary contact with this demon helps explain why the bird image was so strong to the old ones. This view of Halphas was only of the demon’s head, as it flew past in what appeared to be a flying craft.
Little is known about Halphas, who seems to elude human contact. That may indicate a hatred for humanity, reflected in the skills he reportedly has.
Johann Wier wrote in Pseudomonarchia daemonum in 1583 that "Halphas is a great earle, and commeth abroad like a storke, with a hoarse voice. . . "
Wier said this spirit "buildeth up townes full of munition and weapons," and "sendeth men of (war) to places appointed."
Halphas, the thirty-eighth spirit, and is said to have 26 legions of lesser spirits serving under him.